• Get the Resources!

    Head over to this shared Google Folder to get resources from our Podstock 2018 presenters.

    Get the Resources!
  • Thursday Reception

    Bentley the DJ cranks up at 7. Load up on Swedish meatballs & drink something delicious. It's on us!

    Thursday Reception
  • #Podstock18

    Use the conference hashtag #Podstock18. Cause . . . well, it's Podstock and 2018. And you want to look cool.


It’s been a decade of goodness!

Yup. All the goodness that is Podstock kicked off ten years ago. And now it’s time for a change. We’re switching things up a bit this year – longer hands on sessions, a very cool sharing / revising / making the world a better place half day on Friday, and more student involvement.