"So what is Podstock? It's a tech integration conference. But it's more than a conference. It's learning. It's conversation. It's family. It's about Their Future!"

It's a bunch of cool folks getting together to learn more about how to improve education. Podstock is about creativity, about inspiration, about finding the best tools for our kids. And we'll use whatever it takes - technology, MakerSpace, gaming, online widgets . . . we'll try anything as long as it helps kids learn. And we want YOU to join us July 13-15, 2016! Find the fun at the Hotel at Old Town Conference Center in Wichita.

Schedule 2016

The 2016 Podstock schedule is out! The 2016 Podstock schedule is out! Seriously, the session schedule is up and going. Head over and start making plans. You can find session times, places, and descriptions.


Everybody who’s anybody wants to attend Podstock. And why not? You’ll have a great time, you’re gonna get smarter, and you’ll leave Wichita with a ton of new friends. Our theme this year is Back to¬†Their Future. It’s gonna be great – so join the crowd and get ready to change the future.

Pre-Conference 2016

Based on the success of last year’s Pre-Con, we’re once again offering attendees the option of participating in a pre-conference held the day before Podstock kicks off.

The Pre-Con is a wonderful learning and networking opportunity for educators and, at only $125 per person, is a great low-cost option for school districts to support the integration of tech and best practice into instruction and learning.