Moonlight Madness 2017

It’s called Moonlight Madness. We started out with Midnight Madness but some of us are getting old so we bumped the start time back to 8:00 on Wednesday night. But it’s still gonna be awesome!

Everyone is welcome. We’ll have some food, some drinks, a lot of fun. It’s a chance for you to kick off Podstock by meeting new people and hanging with old friends.

The basic idea behind Moonlight Madness is to create an opportunity where future thinkers like you can spend some time together. And Wednesday night, right between the end of the Pre-Conference and the beginning of Podstock, seemed like the perfect time.

So show up at 8:00 at the Old Town Conference Center. Have a few drinks, eat some snacks, and enjoy yourself! The agenda is pretty loosey goosey.

First off, Kevin Honeycutt will be leading those interested in some serious karaoke.

Our fearless leader, ESSDACK Executive Director Dr. Mike Cook, will provide a quick welcome with a few instructions and Katie Perez will highlight the work created during the pre-conference.

Every year at Moonlight Madness, we focus on some fun activity. The first couple of years we messed with Pinewood Derby cars. Last year it was robots and drones.

This year? Mmm . . . we were thinking about Estes rocket kits. But Wichita frowned a bit about us shooting those off downtown.

So we settled on paper airplanes. We know. Not the same thing but we’re going to pretend that the paper airplanes are NASA Lifting Vehicles just like the Space Shuttle. Still fun. Still prizes to win.

And did we mention food and drink? So no matter what we end up doing, we’ll be having fun together.

So make plans to hang out a bit at the Old Town before the after-party kicks in!

Other Moonlight Madness activities:

  • A chance to meet our conference keynoter.
  • Chat up someone you’ve never met before.
  • Plan your Podstock session attending strategy.
  • Beg Kevin to let you play in his band.
  • Eat, drink, and be merry.