Schedule 2018

We’re excited about our new Podstock breakout schedule!

Last fall, as we started planning Podstock 2018, we knew we wanted a conference that was different than what we’ve always done.

What we were looking for was something more like real life than a typical conference session. You know the one, right? The one that sounds just like an adult in a Peanuts cartoon, with 87 PowerPoint slides, and lots of text?

So we’re going with three hour long sessions. But you’re not going to get wah, wah, wah or some super long PowerPoint. You’ll get more hands-on. More collaboration. Less talking at and more working together. We want you making things, trying new ideas, maybe failing and starting over. You know . . . more like real life. You’ll walk away smarter, better informed, with resources, with connections to others, and with an actual product that will help your students do their job better.

Is it a normal conference session? Maybe not. Better for you? We think so.

Each long session on Wednesday and Thursday will focus on a broad theme – PBL or Virtual Reality, Civic Engagement or STEM, Game Based Learning. Session facilitators will kick off the learning with a quick overview, a sharing of resources, and an introduction to the physical and digital tools that are available. You’ll have the remainder of the time to create, question, share, develop, and publish with a quick show and tell at the end.

Yes. It will probably be messy. Authentic learning usually is.

And yes . . . there will be few shorter sessions on Thursday morning that will focus on more intense just-in-time learning – perfect for a laser-focused conversation on a very specific topic. Perfect for connecting back to the long sessions! So pick and choose the one that best fits your needs.

Get the details below!

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