Share Your Stuff

For our 10th anniversary, we wanted to shake things up a bit. So we’re trying something different.

One of the biggest changes will be longer sessions. More hands-on. More collaborative. Less talking at and more working together. We want you making things, trying new ideas, maybe failing and starting over. You know . . . more like real life. And if we pull it off, you’ll walk away smarter, better informed, with resources, with connections to others, and with an actual product that will help your students do their job better.

Easy? Maybe not. Better for those who attend Podstock 2018? We think so.

Here’s the deal. Most sessions will be three hours long. Yup. Three hours. Each session will focus on a broad theme – maybe PBL or Virtual Reality, Civic Engagement or STEM, maybe Game Based Learning. Session facilitators will kick off the learning with a quick overview, a sharing of resources, and an introduction to the physical and digital tools that are available. They might provide an example of a product, project, or task. Attendees will have the remainder of the time to create, question, share, develop, publish with a quick show and tell at the end. The goal? Lots of choice. Lots of conversation. Lots of questions and thinking and failing and trying again.

Yes. It will be messy. Authentic learning usually is.

But . . . there are also a few shorter sessions on Thursday morning that will focus on more intense just-in-time learning sessions – perfect for a laser-focused conversation on a very specific topic. It might be a tool or website. Maybe an effective strategy. But whatever you share, it should lead to engaged, informed, knowledgeable kids ready to make the world a better place.

So we’re looking for a variety of session proposals that encourage student and teacher creativity, support messy (both in the physical and mental sense!) learning, and provide opportunities for making and taking. This is where you come in.

If you’ve got the goods, we’d love to have you! Accepted proposals for both the longer and the shorter sessions will get one free Podstock registration and a very cool Podstock Staff tee shirt.

Proposals for the short sessions is now closed. We’re in the process of notifying everyone who submitted proposals so check back for our updated schedule!

The deadline for the longer, three hour sessions is April 30. We will notify all who submitted proposals within a week after the deadline. (Each accepted presenter must register for the conference. If your proposal is accepted, we’ll send you a code to use during the registration process.)
Submit a LONG Session Proposal

We also expect that all presentation materials will be available in digital format. Any co-presenters must register and pay for conference attendance.

Questions about the process? Contact Ginger or Glenn.